Sunday Waffles

Sunday Waffles
Almond Waffles topped with Citrus Mascarpone Cream, Orange-Steeped Strawberries, and Medjool Dates.


One of the best things about a holiday is the food…and the fact that you’re almost *expected* to add extra sugar to it. ūüėČ
This past Sunday was Easter, so after church I wanted to make something special. I decided on Belgian Waffles, which is one of Cody’s favorites. This brunch had flavors of almonds, strawberries, oranges, dates, and of course bacon. (What’s brunch without bacon?!)


Hope you enjoy!

Sunday Waffles
(Makes 8)

1. Start by preparing the berries:

Citrus Berries:
2 cartons organic strawberries
Grated rinds from 2 naval oranges
¬Ĺ cup powdered (confectioners)sugar

Slice berries and put into bowl; add orange peel and sugar, mix well and let sit. Mix again a few times while making waffles.

2. Pre-slice 10 Medjool dates and set aside.
3. Make Waffles

4¬Ĺ¬†cups flour

 3 Tbsp. baking powder
 3 Tbsp. sugar
¬†2¬ľ tsp. salt
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 5 eggs (5 whites, 4 yolks), lightly beaten
1¬Ĺ Tbsp. vanilla
 3 c. milk
 2 sticks butter, melted
¬Ĺ c.¬†thinly sliced almonds
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 (Coconut oil for oiling the waffle iron)

Preheat oven to 200¬į.
Cover a cookie sheet in foil and set aside.
Plug in Waffle Iron. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Add eggs, vanilla, milk, and butter; stir. Add almonds and stir just till mixed in. Put a small of coconut oil on a paper towel and carefully oil both the top and bottom plates of the iron to prevent sticking. Pour approximately 1 cup of batter onto the iron; close iron, and wait till waffle is golden. With a heat-resistant rubber spatula, carefully pull up the edge of the waffle. It should pop right out.  Repeat oil and batter process until waffles are all made. To keep waffles warm and crispy, lay them on cookie sheet in oven till ready to serve.

4. Once all waffles are in oven, mix together ingredients for cream sauce:

Mascarpone Cream
1 small tub mascarpone cheese
Grated rind from 1 naval orange
Juice from 1 naval orange
1 tsp. vanilla

5. Plating:
Place one waffle on plate, drizzle with Mascarpone Cream, and top with Citrus Berries and Dates. Serve with bacon, if desired. Repeat for all servings.

Sunday Waffles 2


 If you have a chance to try my brunch idea at your house, let me know how it goes!

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