Early Morning Chocolate Tour at Hexx

Recently my husband and I were in Las Vegas, celebrating the 50th birthday of a friend of ours. Amongst the many varied foodie experiences we relished in, our private tour through Hexx Chocolate was definitely one for the books.

Order the French Toast when you visit Hexx
Make sure to try the French Toast when you visit Hexx

It all started out with breakfast under the Eiffel Tower at Hexx Kitchen & Bar. Actually, Kenny’s meal was the instigator. He’d ordered French Toast. It was a gorgeous slice of heaven with a ribbon of dark chocolate running through the center.
When he told our server how much he enjoyed it, she told us that the chocolate in the French Toast was made on site, in their chocolate kitchen. I nearly dropped my fork. Chocolate Factory?! Why did I not know about this necessary stop in our culinary adventure? I was all ears as she proceeded to tell us that we could walk in for a tour, and since we’d eaten there, we’d also receive a chocolate discount. Yep, Vegas knows how to make me happy.

We ventured through the restaurant and into the large open attached store.

We were immediately greeted by a friendly gal with a pink polka dotted smile. “Hi! I’m Stephanie. Is this your first time visiting Hexx?” We told her it was, and she gave us the grand tour.

Stephanie let us know that they even sell the temporary lip polka dots at Hexx.
Stephanie let us know that they even sell the temporary lip polka dots at Hexx.

First, we tried the five chocolates, with origins from Peru, Tanzania, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Madagascar:

Hexx Chocolate Tasting
My faves: Madascar, Ecuador, and Tanzania. Kenny liked: Tanzania, Madagascar, and Venezuela.

We then were shown the various stages of chocolate:
Hexx steps
Stephanie had us follow her into the kitchen and showed us the process that the chef at Hexx uses, in order to make their delicious confections:
Hexx kitchen
We watched as the cocoa beans were ground down, the palm sugar was added, and the chocolate began its cooking/stirring process (which can take a day or two!)

Hexx cocoa beans
Cocoa beans!

Hexx grinder

 hexx stirring the chocolate

After the tour was over, we met Brian and Dante. These two were non-stop fun and smiles as they walked us through all of the other delicious offerings, including Peet’s Coffee, ice creams, gelatos, cookies, and Ethel M candies.
Hexx Brian and DantePicture yourself here, surrounded by the wafting fragrance of chocolate! Hexx interior 2Hexx chocolate ninjaHexx cookies Hexx ice cream Hexx candy counter

This shop is all about quality items, and of course, lots of chocolate. How can you go wrong?!
And of course, we HAD to bring some home….

Hexx chocolates we purchased Hexx chocolate bars we purchased

So, next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, you need to check this place out. I know you’ll love it.

question of the weekHave you ever taken a food tour?
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4 thoughts on “Early Morning Chocolate Tour at Hexx

  1. What fun! Although I can live my life without lip dots, i think! We didn’t take a chocolate tour in St. Lucia, at Hotel Chocolat, because I thought it would be too touristy. But now I’m really wishing we had!


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