A Sandwich to Remember

Simply perfect.
Simply perfect.

I grill chicken a lot. I also end up having leftover grilled chicken…a lot. Last week as I was staring at some in the fridge, I really didn’t want to  just heat it up. I mean, that can really be boring, after all. Hmmm… what to make, what to make….
Then I saw the fresh loaf of sourdough I’d just picked up. Yes! Sandwich time! I scoured my fridge to see what would work, and came up with something that was so yummy, I ate it again for the following two meals.

I wanted to put flavors together that would complement the smoky chicken, but not overwhelm them. And, of course the sourdough had to be toasted, since I love the good crunch it gives 😉

I spread one slice with quite a bit of creamy Capra honey goat cheese, and piled on some spicy baby arugula. Then I spread the same amount of sweet, thick Dalmatia fig jam, on the other piece of toast,  sliced the chilled chicken breast, and piled it on top. My tastebuds were singing. It was one of those “exactly right” kind of sandwiches.   Grilled Chicken Sandwich 4

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 1
Go ahead. Take a bite.


Here’s a foodie fun fact for you: Arugula is a member of the mustard family and also goes by  another name. Do you know what it is?


Oh dear.

So, what would kind of sandwich do YOU crave when you’ve got leftover chicken? I’d love to hear about it!

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Anything after this logo is nothing but advertising!





4 thoughts on “A Sandwich to Remember

  1. OMG, Joani, that sandwich looks SO good!!! You definitely gave me inspiration as I will have leftover chicken breast from a dinner that I’m going to make this weekend. And, of course, anything with goat cheese I am ALL about! 😉 Hugs!!!


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