Going Green Spring Salad

Healthy DinnerHooray for spring!

I love all of the fresh flavors that this season brings, so I wanted to give you an idea that will really put the term “Spring Green” into play. This meal was inspired by some super skinny asparagus spears and a rotisserie chicken I found at Sprouts this week. 

I also wanted to make use of a new balsamic I’d found in Park City Utah last month: Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar from Mountain Town Olive Oil Company. It is so tangy and refreshing! I added it to one of my favorite standbys, Lucero Lemon Olive Oil

I’ve put together a deliciously healthy dinner for you that you can make in under 30 minutes. This is the perfect meal for a rushed evening, however it’s hearty and beautiful enough to serve to guests.
Plus, I think it’s really pretty 😉

Going Green Spring Salad

 2 eggs
  5-6 cups baby lettuce mix
2 chicken breasts from a rotisserie chicken
 1 cup frozen green peas
½ bunch super skinny asparagus spears, cut into quarters
3 ounces honey goat cheese

2 teaspoons lemon zest (no white pith)
Lemon olive oil
Grapefruit balsamic vinegar

Place eggs in small pot of warm water. Cover pot, and turn heat up to high. Once it boils, turn off heat and and set timer for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, divide lettuce between 2 dinner plates, tearing up the larger pieces. Use one chicken breast per salad, breaking it into bite sized pieces with your fingers.
Place peas in small colander and run hot water over the top of them for about 30 seconds. Drain well and divide between the two salads.
Once eggs are ready, carefully lift them out of hot water with a slotted spoon. Drop asparagus into the hot water from the eggs. While they are heating, peel eggs and cut each into six wedges lengthwise. Divide between two salads.
Drain asparagus and add to salads. Cut goat cheese into small pieces and divide amongst the salads. Sprinkle lemon peel over all and finish with a drizzle each of olive oil and vinegar.

This meal is full of protein and healthy veggies!
This meal is full of protein and healthy veggies!

 By the way, if you’re looking for another simple, quick idea for asparagus, check out what my friend Tracie and I did with them a couple of years back at a beach luncheon she hosted by clicking here.

PS: Speaking of Springtime…we’ve got lots of new bird nests in our neighborhood, and we’ve had even more wild cottontails around our yard than we usually do. We’ve even got a wacky little bird who is crazy about his reflection in the window.

Spring is definitely in the air!



Anything after this logo is nothing but advertising!
Anything after this logo is nothing but advertising!

5 thoughts on “Going Green Spring Salad

  1. This salad is beautiful! I graduated from high school in Park City, Utah! Love that place! And I love not only changing up salad ingredients, but also the oils and vinegars. why not?!!!


    1. Oh my goodness, Mimi – another wonderful coincidence! It was my first time there and I loved it! Mountain Town Olive Oil Company is quite impressive – there were SO many lovely choices, and of course we all had to try them out 😉 I’m still dying to figure out the best use for the espresso balsamic. Changing up oils and vinegars is so much fun, and even Cody is quite discerning and often will come out of the pantry with a new duo. 🙂


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