Snack Time!

I love family movie night, and Cody has become my sous chef when I’m making the snacks. Here’s a plate of deliciousness we put together recently. PS: Between the 3 of us, it was gone in about 10 minutes…..  😉

 what to have for movie night

A. Organic Gala Apple Slices

B. Organic Baby Carrots

C. White Cheddar with Habanero

D. Locally made Jalapeño Goat Cheese

E. Locally made Apricot Goat Cheese

F. Nutty Gruyére Cheese

G. Artisan Bread

H. Honey Moon Cheese

I. Organic Raspberries

J. Luker Dark Chocolate

K. Organic Blackberries


So, what type of goodies do you like to put together for your movie nights?



I'd love to hear what you think!

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