Jalapeño Bacon Boats

Hey! What are YOU making for the Super Bowl? These are a guaranteed winner!

Sockmonkey's Kitchen

Warning: Very Addictive! Warning: Very Addictive!

When you go to a party, what type of snack do you tend to reach for first? For me, it’s generally savory. I love spicy… not the “holy cow, get me a giant vat of milk before my mouth incinerates” kind of spicy… but the kind where you go, “mmmm. ooh! nice little kick”. That’s what these are. Jalapeños as a whole don’t have a ton of heat, and when they’re cooked and a dairy item is added, nearly all of the spice is gone. But there’s a tiny heat that lingers. That my friends, is quite addictive, in my opinion. So, I thought I’d share a very simple recipe with you, so you can be the hit of your next party.

Jalapeno Bacon Boats

2 dozen jalapeno peppers
2- 8oz. blocks cream cheese (not the low fat kind!)
2 dozen slices of Trader Joe’s Nitrate Free pre-cooked bacon

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