An Important Announcement

The little guy who started it all
The little guy who started it all

Today marks a special day for me:
Exactly 2 years ago I embarked on this blog.

I had a few reasons for creating Sockmonkey’s Kitchen:

  • Creating a simple cooking resource for friends and family
  • Teaching myself to write weekly
  • Making and running a website
  • Keeping my original recipes in one place
  • Learning accountability (once a week is tough!)
  • Designing my own logo/branding
  • Pushing myself to create new dishes
  • Sharing my love of food

My original goal was to keep my blog going for an entire year, or 52 weeks. Well, since today marks 2 years, I guess I’m an overachiever 😉

Just a few of my recipes
Just a few of my recipes

My life has changed so very much, and for the better!  I’m now finding myself beginning a new life as a wife, mom of 2 more, in a new home, and pursuing more activities and creative outlets all around. I’m still madly in love with food, from the growing, to the shopping, to the prepping, and to the eating. I’m still researching articles and learning all the way through it.

However, for a few months, I’ll need to put this blog on the back burner. I own this site, so I’ll keep it open for you to use as a cookbook, resource, or place to look at my silly sense of humor. Remember, there are over 100 posts here, so make sure to use the search bar to look for ingredients, dinner ideas, or….?
smk with logo

This has been a wonderfully fun ride, and I’ll be coming back soon, once all the cardboard boxes from my move are gone, and I’ve settled in to life. 

But until then, please feel free to comment on the posts, and if any of you have a cooking/food/fun blog, please also feel free to post a link to it 🙂

Now go grab a cookie, and a cup of coffee, and remember my recipes whenever you spot a sockmonkey. ❤


Hugs to all of you

Anything after this logo is nothing but advertising!
(Everything after this yellow logo is nothing but advertising)

13 thoughts on “An Important Announcement

  1. VERY proud of you girl! Thank you for sharing your love of everything food, I have learned a lot and will continue to use your recipes!
    Remember, Keep Calm and have your happily ever after!
    Love you!


  2. maybe you’ll find some time now and then to come back and give us something new ;o)
    I would appreciate that.
    You will be missed!


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