Peach Salsa from Chef Mimi

Look at this gorgeous Peach Salsa! YUM!
Look at this gorgeous Peach Salsa! YUM!

Today I’ve got a guest blogger. I’ve followed her for quite some time, and I LOVE her cooking style! Through various chats we’ve discovered that not only do we have a common passion for food… but she also lived in my hometown of Santa Barbara for quite some time. What a small world!

This incredibly talented self-taught chef worked as a personal chef for eight years and as a caterer for ten years after that. She has the writer of a weekly newspaper column,  taught cooking classes, worked as a recipe developer, was a health advocate promoting feeding children healthy food, had a cooking show, and even wrote a cookbook. And she’s my special guest today!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
may I introduce Chef Mimi!

“There nothing quite like a fresh salsa in August, when ripe tomatoes are abundant.
A simple addition of red and green onions, some cilantro and a dash of Tabasco sauce
makes a perfect salsa to serve with chips, or pico de gallo-style.
But if you’re willing to cook a salsa with summer-ripe peaches, you will swoon at the results.
Best slightly warm, with chips, and perhaps guacamole.
A perfect spread for a summer’s eve.
Margaritas optional.” – Chef Mimi

chef mimis peach salsa 2

Here’s a link to her full blog: Peach Salsa.

I KNOW you’ll love it!

And for today’s giggle, if I say “peach” and “Seinfeld”, I’m sure you’re thinking… ” Mackinaw!”


2 thoughts on “Peach Salsa from Chef Mimi

  1. I love Chef Mimi and her delicious recipes, great tutorials and fascinating stories. The recipe sounds delicious.I love that Seinfeld episode with the Macinaw peaches, LOL. Thanks for the chuckle.


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