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Your new favorite pizza place.


So, you’re hungry. You order a pizza. It’s boring. Or worse, it’s got the wrong toppings.

So the next time you go to a pizza place. It’s boring. Or worse, it’s got the wrong toppings.

 Then you hear about a new concept in pizza called “Pieology”.  And it’s awesome. And, even better, it’s got the right toppings. AND they’re super fresh (that’s a big compliment, coming from me).

 Late last year Kenny took me to Pieology in Rancho Cucamonga, after he’d visited one in Lakewood. He knew I’d love it, not just because I love a good pizza, but because he knows I can be a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my food. Of course, I always want good, fresh food… but because of allergies, etc, sometimes it’s kind of hard to find something when I’m dining out. Pieology is a mecca for control freaks and special diet people!
Before I go on, please note that Pieology didn’t ask me or pay me to write this. I’m just doing this because I wanted to share a fabulous find with you!

 When you walk in, don’t be put off by the large amount of people waiting to order. You won’t need a Disney FASTPASS® to get to the front quickly, I promise. Anyway, while you’re waiting, you can read the walls. No, they’re not full of graffiti… they’re filled with wonderful quotes from all sorts of influential people, from Benjamin Franklin, to Ronald Reagan, to Will Rogers, to Mother Theresa. Pieology quotes


The walls are covered with these great quotes!
The walls are covered with these great quotes!

The staff is incredibly quick, and every order is perfect. Once you’ve woven yourself through the serpentine line, you’re greeted with a large smile, and the fun begins. First, do you want a regular crust or gluten free? Yep, they’ve got GF, and they even use special gloves and metal pans that are designed just for those with allergies and intolerances to gluten. Next, it’s time for sauce. Now, for my pizza, I can’t have regular onions (I know… awful!) so I skip the red sauce and go for the melted butter with herbs brushed on the crust. Oh yes…. BUTTER!

You can't go wrong with all these fresh ingredients.
You can’t go wrong with all these fresh ingredients.

 The pan is moved to the next Piologist, who is waiting to see which meats you’d like. Take your pick – they’ve got 6 to choose from, and you can get as many as you’d like. Did I mention all pizzas are the same price, no matter how many toppings there are?! This place is awesome. Of course, being the baconophile that I am, I go right for the good stuff. Heh heh. Then my pizza slides to the next gal behind the counter who piles on all the produce I want. I ask for  jalapeño, and she puts a light dusting of them on top. “More, please”. She does it again. “Just a little  more”. She looks up and says, “You must be with this guy” motioning to Cody, whose pizza looks like a tribute to the Jalapeño King. “Yep!” 😉

Then it’s on to the cilantro and basil, and we get our drinks. In no time flat, our thin crusted masterpieces arrive at the table. Oh yes… perfection!

Sweet and spicy!
Sweet and spicy!

Take a look… you cannot go wrong with this place! I suggest you look for a Pieology near you. There are currently 19 locations in California and Colorado and another dozen are slated to pop up soon in Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

So let’s get a conversation going here …. what do YOU like on YOUR pie?

Anything after this logo is nothing but advertising!
(Everything after this yellow logo is nothing but advertising)



6 thoughts on “Pizza for the Control Freak – Pieology

  1. This place is amazing! Being highly gluten-sensitive, I was really impressed with the care they took to ensure that I got a pizza I wouldn’t react to. And it was delicious. I ate the whole thing in one sitting… YUM! 🙂


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