Springtime Tea Refresher

Picture yourself sipping this lovely drink on a warm spring afternoon.
Picture yourself sipping this lovely drink on a warm spring afternoon.

Spring is here!

Last Saturday, I was over at Kenny’s house, and when I looked out the window, I noticed the fruit trees had started blooming beautifully. I went outside to take a closer look. What a gorgeous site! However, the heat was waaaaaaay too overwhelming for a day in March! I remembered a beverage I enjoyed a while back and thought this would be the perfect day for it.

00I got out some Peach Tea, some Lucero White Balsamic, and ended up with a beautiful Spring (non-alcohlic) cocktail. This is one of those recipes that you don’t need to write down, because it’s so versatile. Sometimes I’ll use berry tea, or a sprig of rosemary, a tangy lemon tea, or spearmint leaves. But, to start you off, here’s the quick basic recipe:

Balsamic Iced Tea Refresher

16 oz. Hot Water
2 Tea Bags (any fruit flavor)
2-3 tsp. White Balsamic (any fruit flavor)

Fresh fruit or herb for garnish

Brew tea bags in water till flavor has steeped through. Set aside to cool. Stir in balsamic, add ice, and garnish with a piece of fruit.

 For my blend, I used Ginger Peach Tea, and put Pineapple  Balsamic in one glass, and Strawberry Balsamic in the other one. I’ve made it with various flavor combinations, and they’ve all been consistently yummy. The one thing to remember is to use a white balsamic… or your drink will end up looking more like coffee 😉 I use Lucero and no, they aren’t sponsoring this blog… I just happen to love the quality of their products. I met up with them at the Paso Robles Olive Festival about a year and a half ago, and did something a little wacky. A couple months later, I noticed that they had a similar drink in their recipe section of their catalog. So, either I’m a trend setter, or the Lucero people were just as wacky as me. 🙂  This is how it all came about:

Balsamic Drink

I know this sounds simple, but it’s really something you need to try!

This blend used Ginger Peach Tea, Pineapple Balsamic and a Fresh Strawbery

So now that we’re in the Springtime mood… here’s my favorite “Spring” themed pieces: From Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Spring

I hope you enjoy this lovely music and song. Welcome Spring!

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Tea Refresher

      1. My nutritionist told me to stop using ranch so i switched to oil n vinegar but it’s not as yummy. Today I bought some pear infused white balsamic! Can’t wait to try it!


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