A Fresh Start for 2014

garfieldWell good morning to you!

Do you feel GREAT today? Or are you a little sleepy? Is your belly thankful for ALL of the wonderful foods you gave it over the holidays… or is it asking for a new pair of sweat pants? Have no fear. Most of us enjoyed the sweets, the rich sauces, and the extra helpings of the holiday season. And, most of us are ready to make a new, fresh start for the new year.

While the indulgences were fine, we are now in “Gym Season”. You know, the time when every gym across the nation is at full capacity, and there are more people in line buying exercise equipment at the sports store than there were on free coffee day at Starbucks.

My most important advice to you is this: don’t go on a “diet”. Instead, think about a lifestyle. Produce from Farmers MarketWhen you go to the grocery store, head to the organic produce section first. Visit your local Farmers Market and see what is growing in your city. Read labels. (That last one will freak you out, I’m pretty sure). If you’ve been reading my blog more than a few weeks, you’ll know that I do promote foods that are organic, dairy that has no hormones, and meat that is free range and/or grass fed. You’ll also know that I do enjoy sugar (the real stuff), but I try to keep it all in a healthy moderation.

 waterDrink water first thing in the morning. Last year, I started drinking a tall glass of water every morning, as soon as I woke up. You know what? I crave it now. This, coming from someone who had to have 2 cups of coffee before she realized she *was* up. I still love my coffee, but now my first cup doesn’t get made until 2 hours after the water.

stairsKeep active. This doesn’t mean you should sign up for a 10k, or climb a mountain…but when you park your car, try to find the space farthest from  the store’s entrance. The walk will do you good =0) Choose stairs instead of escalators. Little doses of exercise will naturally boost your mood, anyway 🙂 Don’t believe me? Next time it rains, go put on your rainboots and jump in a puddle or two. I do it every time. It totally works.

See? It’s not difficult… it’s just learning to do something a little bit different. So, let’s start off with something that will make your belly happy for the new year. My Fresh Start Salad gives you lots of colors, textures, flavors, and health benefits. Plus it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and super simple to put together.


Fresh Start Salad

1 small head organic romaine lettuce, torn
1 organic Granny Smith apple, cored & diced
2 organic Mandarin oranges, peeled & sectioned
½ cup organic blueberries
12 raw pecan halves
12 raw cashews

2 teaspoons Lucero Lime Olive Oil
1-1½ Tablespoons Lucero Strawberry White Balsamic Vinegar

Layer ½ of each ingredient in order; repeat.

Kick off your new year with a Fresh Start Salad!

 Well there you have it. Easy, healthy, and something YOU can do today!

Please join in the chat and tell me your thoughts…

  1. What healthy change tip (no matter how small) has helped you?
  2. What healthy change (small or big) you will be making in 2014?
  3. What recipes would YOU like to see on my blog in 2014 (PS: recipes for special dietary needs are welcomed!)

Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

gym season

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12 thoughts on “A Fresh Start for 2014

  1. Well for #1 I have cut down on soda drastically and been drinking water.

    #2 I’m going to try to add MORE water on top of that and slowly begin eating more veggies and fruit. Actually kind of got a jump start when I ate spinach last week. I also will walk more.

    #3 I’d love to see more pork recipes, or steak (but that’s just me)



    1. Yay for your extra water intake, Desiree!! =0)
      I love that you’re going to be adding in more veggies – spinach is one of my favorites, whether it’s in a strawberry salad, or if it’s cooked with garlic and olive oil.
      And walking – perfect! One of the walks I like near my home takes me past a home with about 40 peacocks running around wild(!)
      Pork and steak, eh? (does bacon count?!) I’ll see what I can come with for you! Happy New Year!


  2. What healthy change tip (no matter how small) has helped you? ** Cutting way down on starches (“The Sugar Blockers Diet” by Rob Thompson, M.D. has helped change our attitudes and lifestyle a lot).
    What healthy change (small or big) you will be making in 2014? ** We are finally going to get a membership at an Aquatic Center near us. They not only have activities (including classes) in the water, but a walking track, exercise equipment, etc.
    What recipes would YOU like to see on my blog in 2014 (PS: recipes for special dietary needs are welcomed!). ** I would like to see some good one-pot and casserole recipes. 🙂


    1. Hi Barbara, and Happy New Year =0)
      Your tip on “cutting down on starches” is a really great one! I’m glad you’re seeing a change and I can’t wait to hear about your progress at the Aquatic Center. I know that classes in the water are so great for keeping stress off of the body!
      Let’s see… one-pot and casserole recipes… great thinking! I’ll see what I can “cook up” for you! =0) hee hee!


  3. Looking forward to enjoying your recipes this year….. My goal for this year is to become yet even healthier than the last on the inside & out …….in ways even beyond a healthy way of eating & living but continuing on into healthy family relationships & friendships. I do feel I have that….but, am wanting to ‘fine tune’ my way of eating as well as those relationships even more….It’s time to truly enjoy what life has to offer….


  4. After reading the article you posted about GMO wheat, and how it is barely even related to the wheat that made bread the most basic food for countless generations past, it has caused me to try to avoid bread and other wheat products. That is not a simple thing to do!

    Note to Desiree, regarding adding greens to soups: baby bok choy is a very nice addition. I slice it rather thinly, add the white portions early as the other veggies are cooking, saving the dark green to add at the end so it doesn’t lose color.


    1. Really good idea with the baby bok choy~ Plus it looks beautiful in soup too!
      It really is difficult to take out wheat in your daily life, however, it becomes easier, once you train yourself to either make your baked goods with subtitutes (such as almond flour, etc), use gluten-free pasta instead of regular, or just sub out a mashed potato for a slice of garlic bread.


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