Dressing for the Occasion: Thanksgiving Stuffing

Hello readers!
I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, with a ‘lovely’ trip to the hospital yesterday, but am now on the road to recovery. I’ll be back next week with something new for you… but until then, please enjoy this delicious Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe that is sure to keep your family coming back for more =0)

Sockmonkey's Kitchen


I always look forward to November.  It’s when the temperature of Southern California finally starts to dip below 70°, and we start thinking about gathering with all the people we care about the most.

I’ve also noticed that it’s the time of year where you’ll see more people shopping for the ingredients to a truly homecooked meal.

I will admit, I also love this time of the year because I feel a very special bond to all that is Thanksgiving. After all, I was born at suppertime on Thanksgiving Day. (I made Mom miss the greatest meal of the year! Sorry, Mom!) Therefore, I’d be incredibly shameful if I didn’t live up to loving a big feast… right? 😉

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