Poll: How Often Do YOU Cook Dinner?

Here’s a quick poll for you to take… it’s about dinner!

We all like to eat, but some of us spend more days in the kitchen than others. Maybe you spend most evenings cooking up a storm because you love to cook, and it’s your method of relaxation like me. Or, maybe you have a family that will throw things at you if you don’t cook… (I’m not naming names…..)

Perhaps you used to cook a lot, but then as your kids grew up, you decided to go a little easy on the pots and pans (how kind of you!)

Take a minute to take this quickie poll, and then I’d love to hear what you think, in the comments below.

PS: feel free to tell me what you’re cooking tonight…and what time to show up 😉

I’ll be back Thursday with my next recipe =0)

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4 thoughts on “Poll: How Often Do YOU Cook Dinner?

  1. I cook all week but when the weekend arrives we usually eat out once and have sandwiches or something else easy on the other night. 😉


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