Pixies and a Kitten

On a recent quiet afternoon, I poured myself a cup of coffee and realized I really needed a cookie. Then it struck me. I had none.
(insert dramatic music here…dum dum DUMMMMMMMMMMMM)

Your coffee's new best friend
Say hello to your coffee’s new friend =0)

So, I knew what I needed to do: I grabbed a few cookbooks, my coffee, and my handy dandy reading glasses. After about a half hour, none of the cookies really stood out to me as frontrunners. I suppose I was waiting for one to jump out of the page and say, “hey… pick me!” But since none of them were so courageous, I kept flipping.

happy coffee!I kind of decided on one, but it was way too sweet, so in typical sockmonkey form, I had to change it. A lot.

*Note: because these are designed to be dunked into your coffee or milk, they’re a sturdier cookie (once they’ve cooled), and they’re not too sweet. This way you can soak up a lot of liquid in the little cookie without it falling apart, and your coffee still tastes the way you like it. Yay to that!

 ¸.*¨`* Pixies *¨`*.¸

pixies in a jar

Hand chopping the pecans and chocolate give you all different shapes and sizes
Hand chopping the pecans and chocolate chips gives the cookies a really unique texture and flavor, because each unique cookie is a little different. If you want a more chocolatey flavor, leave the chips larger, or even whole.

1 stick of butter, room temperature
1 c. powdered sugar (confectioners)
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1¼ c. + 2 Tbsp. flour
 ¾  tsp. salt
½ c. pecans, hand chopped
½ c. chocolate chips, hand chopped
2 eggs
½ c. powdered sugar (for coating)

Preheat oven to 375°

Whip the butter really well, scraping down now and then with a spatula. Add the powdered sugar and vanilla. Add flour and salt and mix well.  (At this point it will look crumbly, and not much like a dough) Add the pecans & chocolate chips; mix well. Add the eggs and blend. The dough will magically become quite moist =0)

Make each dough ball 1½ tsp size
Make each dough ball 1½ tsp size

To make all these cookies a uniform size, use a 1½ tsp. sized scoop (*I use a stainless steel, springloaded scoop. It looks similar to the #40 scoop I show in my Chocolate Embers recipe, only smaller)

Line a cookie sheet with foil, and stagger rows of cookies. I used a large air-flow type cookie sheet, and it comfortably held 22 cookies.

Here's what the 16-minute version looks like. The softer, 14 minute cookies weren't as dark.
Here’s what the 16-minute version looks like. The softer, 14 minute cookies weren’t as dark.

If you want
softer cookies: 13-14 minutes.  If you want ones that you can dunk in your coffee,  you’ll want them to be a bit sturdier: 16 minutes. After baking, the bottoms are a slight golden color. The top will still be a bit lighter.

Let cookies sit a few minutes on cookie sheet to cool. Carefully slide the foil with the cookies still on it, off of the sheet and onto a countertop; let cool 10 minutes.

Put cookies in bag, about 20-30 at a  time
Carefully put approximately 20 – 30 cookies into a Ziploc-type bag
Add extra powdered sugar on top of the cookies and carefully mix
Add extra powdered sugar on top of the cookies and carefully mix

Fill a gallon sized ziploc type bag with 20-30 cookies, add an additional ½ cup powdered sugar on top, and seal. You’ll want to coat them completely, so I kind of move them around like I’m a clothes dryer, with a really delicate load. I hope that makes sense. In other words, if you shake it like you’re trying to coat a piece of chicken, you will end up with a bag full of cookie crumbs. Coated in powdered sugar.

Take the cookies out of the bag, and place them back on the foil sheet to completely cool.

*They’re fine if you dunk them in your coffee now, but I prefer these little cookies after they’ve had a sleepover in a jar before they’re eaten.

Pixies in a jar

Speaking of jars, I’m kind of a jar freak. I love them. I don’t use plastic containers. So, I put the cookies in this pretty jar and let sit there till the next morning. Then, I tasted them and was pretty sure I liked them. But, you know, when you’re tasting something and there’s only a bite or two, you really need another taste. Just in case.

So, after 3 cookies, and a large spot of powdered sugar on my shirt, I decided to share this recipe with you. I hope you like them too.


And yes, I promised you a kitten. Here you go:

kitteh iz sad
poor kitty!
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5 thoughts on “Pixies and a Kitten

  1. Have you tried these cookies with sorghum flour — or any other? I wonder how it work.
    Such a sad face on the kitty! He needs a treat! Or at least some cuddling…


  2. I kept wondering when the kitty was going to enter the scene! Theses sound like a twist on my favorite Christmas cookies Russian Teacakes.


    1. Well, I had to wait to the end of my blog for the kitten, since he’s so cute 😉 He would have stolen the show if he was in the beginning 😉
      Russian Tea Cakes – they are a bit similar, you’re right! 🙂


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