Mom’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

thanks Mom

My mom has many cooking/baking talents, but her Rhubarb Custard Pie is one recipe that really gets a lot of requests. So, of course I was very excited when she asked if I’d like to use it for a blog 🙂 What’s even better…all of the photos of pie that you’ll see are hers too.
I’ve heard that when my nephew would come visit her from college, it was the one thing he’d request. Every time.

Freshly picked rhubarb
Freshly picked rhubarb

When I was at her house for Mothers Day, we were talking about  rhubarb, and she told me that she always gets *interesting* comments from Grocery Clerks when she buys this pretty veggie at the market. Here are a few:

  •   “Sooooo, is this red celery?”
  •  “How do you eat this?”
  •  “What is this, anyway?”
  •  “Do you know…you’re the only one who ever buys this?”

Really? Maybe it’s because I’ve seen my mom make her pie so many times, that this is as normal as seeing a head of broccoli in the shopping cart.

So, let me ask you… what do you think? (multiple choice)

So here’s her recipe, along with easy directions for making this beautiful basket-weave lattice crust 🙂

Mom’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

4 c. finely cut rhubarb
1½ c. sugar
3 extra large eggs, beaten
pinch of salt
1½ Tbsp. flour
1½ Tbsp. butter, cut in small pieces
Pastry for double crust pie (Pillsbury makes a good one)

Preheat oven to 425°

Take pastry out of fridge and set on counter at least 10 minutes.
Cut rhubarb into small pieces. 

 Rhubarb 1

        Rhubarb 2

Line 10″ pie plate with pastry.  

Rhubarb 3

In large mixing bowl, mix together eggs, flour, sugar, and salt.

Rhubarb 4

Stir in cut up rhubarb, and pour into unbaked shell. Dot with pieces of butter.

Rhubarb 5.0

Lay out second pastry round on floured surface. With a fluted pastry cutter (or sharp knife), cut lengthwise strips (see photo).

Rhubarb 5
Lay out the first lengthwise and crosswise pieces and continue weaving lattice until pie is covered (see photos).

Rhubarb 6

Rhubarb 7

Rhubarb 8

Press bottom and top crusts by crimping together.

Rhubarb 9

Cover crimped edge with a strip of foil to prevent burning (here’s a quick tutorial).

Rhubarb 9.1

Bake for 10 minutes.
Turn oven down to 375° and continue baking for 50 additional minutes. Check pie 10 minutes before finished, to see if crust is browning under foil. if it is not, remove foil for remaining time.

Rhubarb 9.2
Cool at least one full hour before cutting.

Mom's Rhubarb Custard Pie
This is especially tasty, while still warm, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Rhubarb 9.4

Recipe card

Today I’ve found a really neat video, that shows how to plant, grow, and harvest rhubarb, with Patricia Boudier of GrowOrganic. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “Mom’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

  1. Note from Mom to Tamara: Often, when I’m short of time, I’ve made this pie without the woven top crust. It works just fine, of course, but it’s important to make many large vents, not just the small slits that would be used for an apple pie. Hope you enjoy it! Also, be aware that this pie is definitely the best on the day it is baked. (This usually is no problem, as it goes quickly.) The second day, the bottom crust will generally be a bit soggy.


  2. I could have sworn I wrote a reply, but I guess it didn’t post.

    Anyway, this pie the the stuff dremas are made of…MINE anyway! It is also what I always looked forward to the most when visiting your folks’ home! She always had one baked when I arrived, and she even let me eat some for breakfast the next day! Thanks Auntie Marilyn! Thanks for the spectacular memories!


  3. Hi, Cyndie! Of COURSE it would be good for breakfast the next day! Let’s see … First ingredient is a nice red vegetable … then eggs … pastry….. sounds like breakfast, doesn’t it? 😎


  4. I have had Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Now THIS is different, it sounds good, it looks good!!!
    Future recipe to try for sure!


    1. I was hoping nobody would notice… You caught me! I realized its hard to find one on the subject without getting toooo weird!
      Speaking of snarky…… Today I got a pic of Sockmonkey Nigel riding a horse….erm… I mean chihuahua.. Look for it on my FB page soon 😉


  5. Reblogged this on sockmonkeyskitchen and commented:

    Since I’m crazy busy with the wedding plans, I thought I’d bring back a DELICIOUS treat from last summer. My Mom’s Rhubarb Pie is an outstanding dessert that I know you will absolutely love! Take a read, and try it out. Please make sure to say hi to my Mom in the comments, since she reads them too!


  6. This is such a wonderful pie. I like rhubarb if it’s made correctly, and this one is.
    I haven’t eaten one in a long time, I suppose I should make one for Thanksgiving.
    Thanks Mom and sockmonkey


  7. This week I did a variation on the recipe: just rhubarb custard — no pie. Decided against the pastry, so poured the filling into a Pyrex dish, covered with foil (frequent vents) and baked as usual. Came out just fine.


    1. Hi Marilyn, when I am able to find some fresh rhubarb up here I will try the recipe. I do prefer the pie though. To me the crust is the best part. umm umm.
      I like custard, just not as well. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
      The best part is these recipes are always right here when we need them.


  8. I have my mother’s and before that it was my grandmother’s. The only thing your recipe is missing is the nutmeg – mixed in with the dry ingredients before you add that mixture to the eggs. It is wonderful for breakfast after being in the refrigerator overnight.


    1. What a GREAT idea! I’ll definitely share it with mom! Sorry it took so long to reply, as I’m keeping this blog on now as my “online cookbook” so I don’t forget my recipes 😉 I sure appreciate that you took the time to suggest a lovely addition, Heidi! =0)


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