Thanksgiving Pie Challenge: Apple Pumpkin Cream

Should You Choose To Accept This Mission…

A few weeks ago, my nephew Daniel posted a challenge for me on facebook:

So, I thought about it for a moment, and got to thinking that it sounded like a delicious idea. Okay Daniel, I accept.

There’s another reason for me posting this today… tomorrow, November 16th, is Daniel’s 24th birthday.

So, here are the results I came up with, and I hope he likes them, as he’ll be getting this pie made for him on Thanksgiving 🙂

Daniel’s Apple Pumpkin Cream Pie

16 sheets Phyllo Dough
3 Tbsp. melted butter
3 Granny Smith green apples
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
â…“ c. white sugar
1½ tsp. cinnamon
1 pkg neufchatel cream cheese
½ c. white sugar
8 oz. canned pumpkin (the plain kind)
1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
½ tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 450°

Lightly butter a 10″ pie plate. It’s easiest if you use a brush to do it.

My favorite type of brush for this is the kind you get at beauty supply stores that are used for haircolor. Seriously. I’ve been using this one for about 15 years, and it washes in the dishwasher perfectly.

On a board, lay out a sheet of phyllo dough. Gently brush melted butter onto it (you don’t have to cover it all), and lay the second sheet over it. Repeat with two more sheets.  Lay that stack of four phyllo dough sheets into the pie plate, so the middle lines  up with the middle of the plate. You’ll  have two edges hanging over. Do the same process with the next four sheets, and lay them at a 90 degree angle to the first set. It will look like a plus sign. Repeat this procedure, and with set #3 & #4, make an X over the plus.
In other words, it will look like an asterisk.

At this point, you can fold the edges any which way you’d like, but be careful – they dry and crack really easily. Just  have fun & make it the way you want!

Peel, core and slice the apples into thin slices.

Whoever invented this was a genius.

Personally, I love my “apple slicer – peeler – corer thingy” (found at most kitchen stores), because I can get all these apples done in a matter of about 3 minutes.

Slice apple circles in half. Carefully place slices in a bowl. Add lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon. Carefully stir well, so as not to break the apples. Let the slices just hang out in the juice mixture for a bit.

Beat together the cream cheese and sugar till smooth. Add the pumpkin, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon; blend well. Add eggs & blend.

Pour the pumpkin cream cheese batter into the prepared pie plate. Arrange apples (overlapping) in a circle around the outer edge. Then make a second smaller circle in the center. Basically you want to make sure all of the batter is covered, so it doesn’t leak out the top.
Once you’ve finished, cut a ring out of a piece of foil. Here’s my handy dandy illustration for you to follow:

Set the foil over the crust, and carefully crimp the edges

Bake the pie 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 400. Bake for 35-45 minutes.
You’ll know it’s done when the apples look cooked, and when you lift the foil (carefully!), the crust will be pretty.

Here you go, Daniel – hope you like it! =0)

Here comes the really hard part… don’t eat it just yet! Let it cool on a rack for a couple hours, then pop it into the fridge.
I know, it’s tough, but you’ll thank me later.
This pie is designed to sit overnight (YES, overnight!) in the fridge. The difference is shockingly good. Plus, the phyllo stays flaky!

Pumpkins are so versatile for delicious dishes. From pies to cookies, to ravioli, they are sure to please. I recently found this little guy was growing in a field in Oak Glen, CA.

So, what do you think? Sound tasty?
Keep in mind, that just because I chose a phyllo dough, doesn’t mean you can’t use a regular pie crust.

There are two reasons to leave your comment at the end of this blog:

1. Tell me: what’s the strangest food you’ve heard of, using pumpkin?
Tell me and I promise to answer back =0)

2. Wish Daniel a Happy Birthday!


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pie Challenge: Apple Pumpkin Cream

  1. The pie is beautiful, but now I’d like to see a cut slice — to see how it looks in the cut thru. Is the pumpkin portion lighter in color than the usual because of the cheese, or does the cinnamon keep it dark? Just curious.


    1. Funny you should ask – there is a photo, but my lighting was off! The pumpkin is quite light, so there’s not that much of a color distinction between the two layers. If I should get a good photo next week when I make it again, I will post is on this page =0)


  2. Another recipe that I will be trying out! I don’t even get to cook at Thanksgiving, my mother in-law does it all except I bring my cranberries made with OJ instead of water and my mom’s famous green jello mold. You have inspired me to make our own feast very soon!


      1. My cousin Kim tried it and it turned out great! She said “Sloop yummmy and the crust was delicious!”. She tagged me in a picture of it on FB so it’s on my page if you want to see how theirs turned out. THANK YOU SOCKMONKEY’S KITCHEN, well done


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