Oh dear.

Just a little good morning to my dear followers who I appreciate so much…
No doubt you received a notification yesterday afternoon that my newest blog had been posted. Of course you were thinking, “wow, that sockmonkey sure can write quickly….why the last posting was only a few days ago!”.

I wish!

Actually I totally proved that I am clumsy. Not only in life, but apparently now, in the written word. Ha! Takes quite a bit of talent to do that, I think.

The Story.

Yesterday I learned that the little “save” button and “publish” button are super close together! Yep, I clicked the wrong one yesterday, thinking I was just saving a draft. I’m guilty of a mis-click.


As soon as I hit the publish button, of course the dog woke up to “no, no, noooo!” I immediately changed it back, but the damage was done, and you received notification that a shiny new blog was there for the reading. You may  have also tried to comment on the blog, and it gave you an odd error message. Sadly, the blog wasn’t done. There were things I added afterward, that really are important.

Pretty Please, with Sugar on Top.

So, please make a monkey happy and when the blog actually does come out on Thursday morning, would you please read it? I promise you’ll have even more information, and I’d be so happy that you’d just giggle at my mistake and pretend it didn’t happen….

And, with that said…..

I wish you a very happy Monday 🙂


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